is a web store setup by Linan Thousand Peak Glass Bottle CO.,LTD to facilitate ease of purchase of its large selection of perfume bottles, sprayers, roll on bottles, atomizers, cream jars, lotion pumps, and accessories. offers a wide range of glass bottles and atomizers. Our products make great gifts, party and wedding favors. The small perfume bottles and atomizers are easy to fill and carry, and therefore are used as travel accessories. The roll on bottles, atomizers and other perfume bottles can be personalized for use in the gifts and promotional industry.

Linan Thousand Peak Glass Bottle CO.,LTD. is a premier manufacturer and exporter of quality DIAGNOSTIC VIALS & CAPS,perfume glass bottle, essential oil bottle,pharmaceutical glass bottle,glass dropper bottle,glass vials,glass Instruments etc in China, supplying mainly to Europe, American, Japan, Taiwan, Middle East, and South-east of Asia and so on. As a progressive and growing company, our professional and experienced staff are ready to give you excellent customer service at competitive price, we offer the best quality products and special manufacture discounts.

We offer a range of diagnostic vials made from high quality low borosilicate or neutral tubular glass, making them the ideal packaging/filling solution for a broad spectrum of applications including medical diagnostic assay controls and reagents (they can be supplied with coloured caps to help differentiate contents).  Available in 3ml, 5ml, 10ml 20ml, 25ml and 30ml for filling laboratory reagents Chemical reagents Diagnostics reagents

In addition to our products we also offer contract packaging services.We can fill, cap, label and package the perfume bottles that we sell.We have a large selection of fragrances and essential oils that customers

We can also fill fragrances and essential oils provided by our customers.

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